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Shipping & Checkout


The Buyer places the Order on the relevant page of the Website by adding the Goods to the virtual basket by clicking the “Add to cart!” Button, or by placing an order by e-mail or by phone number specified in the contact section Website

The term of formation of the Order is up to 2 working days from the moment of its registration. If the Order is sent on a weekend or holiday, the formation period begins on the first day after the weekend.


The price of each individual Product is determined by the Seller and indicated on the relevant page of the Website The price of the Agreement is determined by adding the prices of all selected Goods placed in the virtual basket and the delivery price, which is determined depending on the method of delivery in accordance with the terms of Section 8 of this Agreement.

The cost of the Order may vary depending on the price, quantity or range of goods.

The Buyer can pay for the Order in the following ways:

1) by bank transfer of money to the current account of the Seller, which is specified in the account, including by means of Internet banking (the Buyer pays for the Order within three days from the date of receipt of the invoice in the amount of 100% of the subscription).

2) Credit card of the following type:
Visa Electron
Mastercard Electronic

3) in any other way as agreed with the Seller.

Note. When the Buyer pays for the order with a payment card, the issuer may charge an additional fee for this card, in particular, when the Buyer pays for the order with a payment card, an additional fee may be charged when the Buyer pays for European orders by issuers of Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Mastercard Electronic, Maestro. When you click on the website in the relevant section of the button “ORDER” means that the Seller informed the Buyer about the possibility of charging an additional fee when paying by the Buyer for European orders, issuer of Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Mastercard Electronic , Maestro.


The Buyer receives the Goods by delivery, or receives it in person. The order of payment and receipt is indicated on the relevant page of the Website

When delivering the Goods to other cities of Ukraine or on the territory of another country, performed by other Delivery Services (hereinafter referred to as the Carrier Companies), the Buyer fully and unconditionally agrees with the Rules of Carriage of Goods by these Carrier Companies.

The fact of receipt of the Goods and the absence of claims to the quality of the Goods delivered by the Carrier Companies, the Buyer confirms with his own painting in the consignment note, declaration of the Carrier, or in the invoice upon receipt of the Goods. For its part, the Seller guarantees the shipment of the Goods of the Carrier Company in the quantity specified and paid by the Buyer, complete according to the specification of this Goods and in proper (working) condition and quality.

In the absence of the Buyer at the delivery address specified by the Buyer in the application or the Buyer’s refusal to receive the Goods for unreasonable reasons, upon delivery by courier of the Carrier Company, the Goods are returned to the shopping center of shipment. Payment for the services of the Carrier Company is deducted from the amount transferred by the Buyer for the Goods. The remaining amount is returned to the Buyer on the basis of his letter sent to e-mail: indicating the current account to which the money must be returned.

All questions that arise in the process of payment and receipt of the Goods, the Buyer can find out from the contact details in the Contacts section.


According to Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Protection”, the Buyer has the right to exchange the Goods of proper quality within fourteen days, not counting the day of purchase, unless a longer period is announced by the Seller. The Buyer has the right to exchange the Goods, taking into account the provisions of the legislation on the grounds and the list of Goods that are not subject to exchange (return).

If the Buyer intends to return the Goods, such return is made in accordance with the section of the “Return” Site, subject to the rules and conditions of the carrier or courier, which operate in Ukraine or in another country according to the place of receipt of the Goods.

In case of presence of at least one of the listed shortcomings, the Buyer is obliged to fix it in the made act of any form. The act must be signed by the Buyer and the person who delivered the Goods or the Seller. If possible, defects should be recorded by means of photography or video. Within 1 (one) day, the Buyer is obliged to notify the manager (representative of the Seller responsible for ordering the Goods) of the identified defects and agree to replace the Goods, filling out a complaint form for the return of the Goods on the website

The Parties have agreed that in case of non-compliance with the mandatory requirements of this procedure, the Buyer is deemed to have received the Goods in good condition – without any mechanical damage and in full.