2 b free freediving equipment

What do freedivers love and value most in freediving?
Of course, it is the special ​​sensations that diving gives us! It is the feeling of flight, weightlessness, and complete freedom to soar underwater. The feeling of the free fall, your chest compressing during the descent as the water take you into its arms. The sensation of water gliding over your skin and the indescribable sensations that overcome you reach the bottom of the line. Then the ascent and the feeling when you break the surface of the water and take that first sweet breath of fresh air fills and it fills your lungs. Feelings are the most important thing in freediving.

When developing our equipment for freediving, we first think about the feelings, sensations, experiences, pleasures, and comforts of everyone who will use it.
We want everyone to enjoy the experience of freediving, to love the underwater world and to be free underwater.

To be free equipment is developed, designed, and produced by the world freediving champion Alexander Bubenchikov. Alexander has achieved a master’s degree in physic while at the same time is one of the strongest freedivers in the world. He is the undisputed champion of Ukraine, holder of 34 national and one world records. He is also the fourth person in the world following William Winram, William Truebridge and Alexey Molchanov, that has dived the Blue Hole arch in Dahab without fins. Alexander has combined his experience/ passion for diving, and knowledge of physics to create freediving equipment that meets the highest standards.


2bfree equipment
Ukraine, Kyiv
Alexander Bubenchikov