2 b free freediving BLADES


The 2 b free fin blades are made using a hot press technology and combing a special mix of the highest quality carbon and fiberglass. This is what gives you both the effectiveness and reliability in one fin. The extreme pressure and high temperature create what we call the diamond in the fin blades world. Similar to a real diamond 2 b free fins contain extreme energy inside. By using them you can release that energy and feel the power and great responsive thrust.



We developed these innovational blades with unique features to let them work without the rubber foot pocket rails. These rails restrain the efficiency of fins. It will help you to uncover your full power and improve the results without having these rails.

If you’re going to use 2 b free fin blades with your own foot pockets, we recommend cutting the rubber rails from the foot pockets before putting the 2 b free blade into the pocket.

These blades come in four stiffness levels: super soft, soft, medium and hard. The length of the fins is 91 cm/36” with a foot pocket. The blade itself is 75 cm/29.5 and the width is 21 cm/8.3”. The color of fins is an elegant graphite combined with bright yellow accents.

The carbon layers make our blades very efficient and ensure high performance. While fiberglass layers make them solid and durable. Unlike fins with blades made of 100% carbon, ours are not afraid of being put to the test. In addition to all the benefits above, they are also powerful and provide you with a great responsive thrust that can’t be matched.



Available in sizes:

Mares Razor foot pockets offer great performance and a high level of comfort. The shape and the extra thickness of the instep under the arch have been meticulously researched to give the maximum amount of energy directly to the blade.

It is recommended that you wear neoprene diving socks with the foot pockets. Please take into account the thickness of your socks while selecting the size of foot pockets. It would be best to measure your foot with the socks on. Also if you are a cold-water diver, take into account a thicker sock.

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