2BFREE Freediving Rope Superstatic 10 mm

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• Superstatic. It won’t stretch
• Sinks in water
• Non-slip grip
• Anti-shrink. It will not get shorter when submerged in water
• Always include 1 extra meter for you to reach your personal best
• Marked option. So you don’t have to measure
• 10 mm thickness

Made in Ukraine

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Superstatics is the name of our rope. We call it that because it has a superpower! It practically doesn’t stretch!

We all know that finding a good freediving rope is a huge problem. Even static climbing ropes by the standard must compensate for a bounce or a jerk and have an elongation of 3%. What is 3%? At first glance, it may seem like much, but if you dive to 100 meters then an elongation of 3% is equal to 3 meters! Imagine that you have 100 meters of rope, but in fact, the bottom plate will be at 103 meters. This could be an unpleasant surprise, wouldn’t’ it?

This is even more important for free immersion (FIM) at any depth. You do not want to be pulling away and the rope is bouncing up at down like a rubber band. This is dangerous at any depth.

That is why we set out to develop a special rope for freedivers. That is, in a word, perfect. It does not stretch and at the same time is soft on the hands while still providing a reliable grip for your ascent and descent.

Another advantage of our rope is that it sinks in the water. If you have ever worked with a floating rope, then you know what a mess it can be on the surface when you take up the bottom weight. Not only is it inconvenient but it can even be dangerous if you get tangled. Therefore, we made our rope sink to make your diving experience safe and comfortable as possible.

Lastly, we know that the knots and loops make the ropes a bit shorter, so we always add 1 meter to your rope, for free, to be sure that your freediving computer will show a nice round number when you will reach your next personal best.

Made in Ukraine

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