2 b free aluminum bottom plate


Main characteristics

Diameter: 20cm/8”
Thickness: 4mm/16”
Material: Anodized Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
Weight: 180g/6oz
Holes for tags: 30 holes for easy attachments of velcro or clips
Attaches to the rope with a specially designed screw
It can be used with a rope thickness up to 12mm 1/2”



This aluminum bottom plate is perfect for competitions and training alike. It is made of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum.
This anodizing process is very special, it greatly increases resistance to corrosion and wear.
It has a perfect diameter of 20cm/16” with 30 holes for easily attaching tags along the perimeter.
The plate is affixed to the rope with a special screw that is not only ergonomic but prevents it from sliding, even with a strong current and being tugged on all day.
The aerodynamic design creates minimal drag when you are pulling up the bottom weight or using a counter ballast system.

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg


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