The Perfect Freediving Setup

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✔️ 2BFREE freediving buoy
✔️ 2BFREE low friction pulley
✔️ 2BFREE Superstatic freediving rope 10 mm (marked)
✔️ 2BFREE lanyard stopper
✔️ CT Flyweight Evo aluminum carabiners x2

Everything is ready for freediving session right out of the box!
The pulley with swivel is at the rope, the stopper is at the rope, two carabiners are there. Even the rope is braided into endless loop (daisy chain)!
Even the buoy is inflated! No)) Joking!)) You have to inflate the buoy 😉

Made in Ukraine

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Perfect Freediving Setup

If you are looking for the ideal setup for freediving, here it is!

When you combine a 2BFREE freediving buoy, the superstatic marked rope and the low friction pulley, you are ready to go. The whole setup is ready to use right out of the box. Even the rope is marked and braided in the correct way. And to save you the headache of finding carabiners, we included two of them in the kit absolutely free! All you need to do is add a bottom weight and you are ready to go. Don’t forget to take a buddy with you, safety first 😉 Buy 2BFREE PERFECT FREEDIVING SETUP right now and enjoy freediving adventures!

Made in Ukraine

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