2 b free freediving CNF LANYARD




Every experienced freediver knows that doing CNF and FIM disciplines with a lanyard on the wrist is extremely uncomfortable.

Therefore there is a way out – 2 b free CNF lanyard which is secured on the waist and meets all AIDA requirements. It also got thin cable made with stainless steel to reduce resistance underwater. The waist belt is made from strong and durable materials with quick release buckle. Breaking load is 200+ kg. Elastic insert allows the belt to stay in place even at a depth when your wetsuit is compressed, so you can safely and effectively practice any deep freediving disciplines. Lanyards are available in 5 vibrant colors, 4 different lengths from 85 cm to 130 cm and you can always customize it for your taste with our large range of CNF belts.

, but the issue is not only in the meaning of comfort – it can be even dangerous on deep dives, because there is a high chance that the lanyard wire can tangle around your hand and you will have to use the precious energy to free yourself and have a stress instead of enjoying your dive.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

85cm, 100cm, 115cm, 130cm


green, orange, yellow, red, blue


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