2 b free freediving LANYARD


Strong, lightweight professional freediving lanyard for competition and training in open water. Producing less drag underwater. Special steinlessteel cable. Aluminium carabiner. 5 bright colors and 4 different length. Meets all AIDA requirements.



Our lanyards are champions in safety, convenience and efficiency. Designed by world champion Alexander Bubenchikov with all the passion to find the best solution of everything he was looking in lanyards. Alexander created 2bfree lanyards to provide freedivers with the best experience in diving.

Our lanyards are very strong and at the same time extremely lightweight – 126 g. They got thin and smooth 1,5 mm stainless steel cable for reduced drag underwater. Quick release stainless steel carabiner with swivel prevents lanyard from twisting around the rope and quick release wrist strap easily opens in case of emergency. Lanyards meet all AIDA requirements and are great for both competition and training in open water.

With all these advantages 2bfree lanyards immediately collected the best reviews and feedback from both professionals and amateurs. You can choose your own lanyard from 5 fancy colors and 4 different length to feel more freely in the water as well as improve your results day by day.

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