2BFREE Counter Ballast System inflatable


Main characteristics

• Length: 4 M/ 13ft
• Width: 0,65M/ 2.1ft
• Weight: 9kg/20lbs
• Setup time: 10 min
• No metal bars for safety
• 1 inflatable platform 400x65x15 cm
• 6 stainless steel D-rings and 12 YKK plastic D-rings
• 19 grips, and 2 elastics
• 3 2bfree low friction pulleys with swivels
• 1 stainless steel quick-release carabiner
• 4 aluminum carabiners
• 65x15x30 cm when folded
• 1 pump
• Travel-friendly
• Recovery speed 1,15 m/sec (in test wth recovery an athlete from 50m/164ft with 12kg/27lbs bottom weight and 40kg/88lbs counter ballast)

Made in Ukraine

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The 2 b free counter ballast system is a revolutionary safety device for depth freediving training and competitions. It brings to a whole new level to how easy, fast and comfortable you can organize and run depth competitions and training.

It’s inflatable and has no metal bars while still super compact, lightweight and travel-friendly. It weighs only 9kg/20lbs and in can be folded down to only 65x15x30 cm! It has an easy, simple and fast to set up and can be done in less than 10 minutes!

2 b free counter ballast system is great not only for organizers but for athletes too! Preparation for the dive and surfacing after has never before been so comfortable and convenient. It will feel like you preparing and surfacing on the side of the pool. If you want, you can even lie down on the top and relax during your preparation!

It’s super stable and perfectly fits any discipline including free immersion.

You also have a lot of space to keep your equipment such as fins, monofins, lanyards, extra weights, cameras, water bottles with water for hydration, etc..

Check out our demonstration video to find out more

Made in Ukraine

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg


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